PROVEA has created sales methods in order to present the solutions in all crop production areas to each farmer individually. This product is designed so that every farmer can use all the reports requested in PDF format on his own computer without requiring any infrastructure.

Each of our farmers can demand report for each parcel separately, including the solutions that they need to monitor and report according to the agricultural production. Because of these products and parcels are different, different monitoring and reporting facilities are available for each of our customers.

Our services are calculated as monitoring and reporting services per decare, excluding flight and photographing services. Our farmers may have a total area quota, where they can receive service throughout the year by making bulk purchases yearly.

Following the membership made for each farmer with individual sales, one reporting service may be given in annual vegetation periods depending on the product to be reported. In case of natural disaster situations, reporting services can also be provided. Except for the normal vegetation schedule, the reporting service can be provided by using the total area quota.