Mining Energy Sector

In the energy and mining sector, the detection of large mine areas and preliminary determination works for mining areas can be realized quickly and reliably with the help of Remote Sensing Technology. Detection of vegetation in the mine area can be carried out and areas such as pipelines can be detected.

Inspections of wind turbines can be easily carried out and reported. In addition, failure detections of solar energy fields can be made and it is possible to report damage types on panels. Thus, it is possible to perform panel changes quickly and efficiently.

Our company serves in the Mining & Energy Sector in the following areas:

  • Pipeline Planning, Monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Reduction and Vegetation Management
  • Solar Plant Land Planning, monitoring
  • Wind farm land planning, monitoring
  • Energy Transmission Lines Planning, Inspections
  • Measurement of mining areas, search and operation period reports
  • Post-mine environmental and afforestation reports